PRCM Steering Committee meeting: discussion on the reorganisation of PRCM

Members of PRCM Regional Steering Committee met in January in Dakar. On the agenda for discussions were the institutional reorganisation and the legal status of the Partnership.

It was agreed that PRCM’s niche should be confined to three key mandates:

  • representing stakeholders of coastal and marine conservation (CMC) at the regional level and defending CMC interests;
  • federating CMC initiatives and stakeholders and mobilizing resources; and
  • networking and capitalizing on experiences.

With regard to PRCM structure, the Steering Committee would pursue the option of promoting a selective and categorized membership in the form of a coalition.

On the legal status, the Committee agreed to endow PRCM with the status of a foreign association while preserving the modalities pertaining to IUCN’s administrative and financial support. Such a status will enable PRCM to directly access funding and request accreditation with international organisations.