PRCM and REPES raise the awareness of Senegal MPs on coastal issues

In collaboration with the Network of Parliamentarians for environmental protection in Senegal (REPES), the PRCM organised on Tuesday 7 July 2020 a virtual information and awareness-raising workshop on the ecological, economic and social issues associated with the sustainable management of the Senegal coastline. The workshop was intended for MPs, locally elected officials and members of the Economic and Social Council.

The purpose of the workshop was to provide participants with relevant information on the legal tools and environmental concerns that need to be taken into consideration in coastal development.

In his opening remarks, Dr Ahmed Senhoury, Director of the PRCM, highlighted the importance of the coastline in the socioeconomic development of Senegal as well as its ecological frailty in the face of challenges such as coastal erosion, infrastructural impact, future oil and gas exploitation and climate change. He therefore pointed to the need to inform and sensitise MPs and locally elected officials in order for them to convincingly lobby for the protection and sustainable management of coastline. Dr Senhoury stated that the PRCM would always be available to support national stakeholders, such as the REPES, in promoting sound and sustainable environmental governance.

Taking the floor next to Dr Senhoury, Professor Mamadou Aliou Diallo addressed the legal system that governs private coastal use. He took participants through the regulations relating to private coastal use, with a focus on penalties applicable in case of breach.

Honourable Ibrahima Baba SALL, MP, made a presentation on the role of Parliamentarians in coastal development and management. Recalling the process that resulted in the adoption of a coastal act, he dwelt on the range of roles that MPs and locally elected officials are expected to play in putting in place an integrated coastal management policy.

Closing this series of presentations, Mrs. Mame Faty Niang SEYDI, Head of the Coastal Management Division at the Directorate of environment and classified establishments (DEEC), discussed the issue of integrated coastal management (GIZC) in Senegal.

The workshop came to an end with the closing remarks of Dr Senhoury and Honourable Demba KEITA, MP, who hailed the successfulness of the deliberations and thanked all the participants for the quality of the debate.