Our work areas

PRCM covers the coastal and marine zone stretching from Mauritania to Sierra Leone, including Cape Verde. The countries in this zone make up together an  ecoregion characterised by the presence of permanent upwelling waters which  account for its significant marine productivity. From the Saloum Delta to Sierra Leone, the coastline consists of many estuaries fringed with mangroves, referred to as Rivers of the South. This landscape is completed by the Cape Verde volcanic archipelago and the Bijagos Deltaic archipelago.

Fish populations migrate across the whole region and happen to be the same stocks that fishermen from the various countries share. Similarly, the distribution range of birds, turtles and marine mammals extends far beyond national borders. In addition, traditional fishermen greatly move through coastal waters from one country to the next. In this way, the ecoregion scale seems appropriate to meet conservation and development requirements for the benefit of the relevant communities, as stipulated in the vision of PRCM, i.e. “Promoting the conservation of a healthy coastal and marine environment for the well-being of African people”.