Our team

The Co-ordination and Mobilisation Unit (UCM) is a light entity in charge of helping with the coordination, monitoring & evaluation and communication of the Programme. In this regard, it acts as the secretariat of governance bodies, consolidates reports, promotes networking and synergies between partners, and monitors and develops relationships with international conventions and donors. The UCM plays a leading role in communication between partners and with the outer world in order to ensure the coordination and linkage of the various interventions, participate in joint advocacy drives, and raise awareness about PRCM.

Our contacts

PRCM Unité de Coordination du PRCM S/C UICN Mauritanie Avenue Charles De Gaulle BP: 4167, Nouakchott - Mauritanie Tél: + 222 529 09 77 Fax: + 222 524 18 69 Email: prcm@iucn.org