Guinea Bissau: protected areas coverage up from 15% to 26.3%

The government of Guinea Bissau has established new protected areas, including the Dulombi-Boe-Tchétché complex that consists of two national parks and three ecological corridors. So far, the investment priorities of the country in the area of conservation related to the creation of protected areas along the coastal and island area (the Bijagos Archipelago) covering almost 15% of the national territory.

In order to protect a more complete and representative sample of key habitats, efforts made in recent years consisted in developing the national parks of Boé and Dulombi on the country’s mainland, close to the border with Senegal and Guinea.

These parks now offer protection for a remarkable biodiversity such as lions, panthers, chimpanzees or elephants. Comprising of a Ramsar site, called Wendu Tcham, that is home to major waterbird populations, in addition to three (3) wildlife corridors, the Boé National Park ensures connectivity between the two parks and with the Lagoas de Cufada Natural Park and the Cantanhez National Park. The national protected areas system now covers 26.3% of the national territory, representing 12.4% of marine protected areas and 13.9% of terrestrial protected areas, which is by and large compliant with the Aichi Targets.

IBAP has been working in close collaboration with many partners to manage these areas, including the Fondation BioGuinée, now at the capitalisation stage, which will provide an essential sustainable funding tool for the proper management of protected areas.