The "Grande Niaye" home to a technology hub listed as « protected wetland »

The Grande Niaye area in Pikine-Guédiawaye, home to a technology hub, has been listed as a “protected wetland” by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Senegal. The communiqué issued by the Ministry explained that with such a measure “The area is now officially included on the list of protected sites established by the Ramsar International Convention in 1971”.

“This is why the Grande Niaye’s dependencies will now be located in a community biodiversity natural reserve, in relation to surrounding local governments”. This decision is a reward for the significant efforts that have been made over the years by not only civil society stakeholders but also the departments in charge of this dossier at the Ministry of Environment. It should be reminded that during a recent press conference, the PRCM was supportive of the celebration of the Wold Wetland Day on this site, as part of the advocacy undertaken by Senegalese actors for the site to be listed.