Editorial by Dr. Ahmed Senhoury

Dear readers and partners,

Undoubtedly, 2020 will be remembered as the year during which all forecasts proved wrong due to the unheard of and bewildering nature of the COVID-19 pandemic which struck the entire world with full force. Activities in several sectors have come to a brutal standstill, causing economies to plummet. The conservation world has not been spared, with field activities, missions and events either postponed or simply cancelled.

Following the PRCM, several organisations had to rethink their working methods in order to keep the flow of their services and activities. Within this new context, working from home has taken centre stage in professional habits.

This is how staff members have become, over this period, more familiar with such new working tools as ZOOM, thereby enabling project and programme managers to make substantial headway in the activities that did not require physical contact. The ease and regularity with which online meetings took place made it possible to achieve tangible results.

This situation, however, has also caused some delays in the implementation of some of our activities, including the holding of the regional coastal and marine Forum that had to be postponed to 2021. Preparations for this flagship event are still underway, and participants will be kept regularly informed of any progress in this regard.

The pandemic is not yet fully behind us, but we are entering the last quarter of the year with optimism and the firm will to carry on with our conservation mission in West Africa.

Dr Ahmed Senhoury

Exécutive Director of PRCM