Climate at home!

As a member of PRCM, BiodiverCites, a Mauritania-based NGO, implemented an awareness-raising project entitled « Climate at home! », a replication of Collectif en Haut’s participatory initiative that promoted aerial and ground photography. 20 pupils from Nouakchott were selected by the NGO to try and explain, through the photographs, their perception of climate changes, its effects and consequences on the environment as well as the adaptation measures in place.

This project engaged young people in the development and implementation of awareness-raising campaigns within their schools and social circles. The objective was to trigger in them the behavioural change required for adaptation. The pupils learned how to build a common vision of local climate change issues and became more familiar with their communities, including through encounters with community stakeholders.

The photograph exhibition and the regularly updated Facebook page provide participants with means to continue sharing their work and raise awareness, in their own fashion, about climate change challenges. Moreover, the project enabled nine schools from Nouakchott to embrace environmental education.