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Our Activity reports

In 2015, PRCM undertook several initiatives. It also created opportunities for its members to intervene on the ground and work synergistically. This report captures these activities in a comprehensive manner.

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Following a transitional year and the restatement of operating procedures, PRCM truly reached its cruising speed in 2013 towards achieving its new mandate. In 2014, PRCM will have to focus on 4 key areas that reflect the main objectives of the Partnership.

Building on the achievements of Phase I of PRCM and following the recommendations from the three editions of the Regional Forum, the outcome of Phase I evaluation and the conclusions of the strategic planning process, stakeholders in the sub-region have developed an ambitious and proactive programme with three components and five strategic areas. This report captures the results achieved over the 2008-2012 period

This report is a summary of activities implemented in 2011 under Phase II of PRCM. The following are reviewed: *activities carried out under each component and the Co-ordination Team in 2011; * contribution of project activities to PRCM strategic areas; * difficulties encountered; * and lastly prospects.

With regard to ecological and environmental issues, the international context in 2010 was marked by the celebration of the International Year of Biodiversity which culminated in the 10th Conference of Parties to the Convention on Biodiversity (COP 10) in Nagoya, Japan. Sharing this world momentum for celebration and brainstorming about biodiversity conservation, PRCM and its partners, as a coalition, played their part in the conservation and sustainable management of natural resources across the coastal and marine zone of West Africa.